"The ladies at
Miracle Mittens
went out of their way
to accommodate a
special request. 
The mittens arrived
in a timely manner
and are really so lovely, warm and cozy!"

Miracle Mittens & More is owned and operated by three sisters.

We are Mary Bevan (a graphic designer), Vicki Berkey (an experienced seamstress), and Nancy Lazarus (a creative business professional).

We create mittens, hats, and other unique items from upcycled, machine-felted sweaters. Our small business is based in Johnstown, PA. 

One of us suffers with Raynaud's disease, so we're passionate about warm mittens. In fact, that's why we started this business. After trying many types of gloves, Mary bought a pair of wool mittens and was amazed that they kept her fingers warm. She told her sisters, "It's a MIRACLE, I finally found something that works!" 

With over 35 years of sewing experience, Vicki decided to try her hand at making sweater mittens...with a focus on improving the standard mitten design. The sisters were so excited with the results that they started a mitten business...and the rest is history!